Top 10 Nursing Specialties To Join In 2024

Top 10 Nursing Specialties To Join In 2024

Are you planning to pursue a career in nursing? Do you also want to know the top 10 nursing fields you should consider for your specialisation? Fret not, we will guide you. 

This blog post covers the top 10 nursing specialties to consider in 2024. We will highlight the responsibilities and opportunities of each field. We have ranked these fields based on several factors like Job outlook, salary, licensing exam success ratio, costs, etc.

This comprehensive article will help you in deciding the best nursing field for yourself. We have ranked them generally. You should choose the one that fits your personal preferences. Let’s take a detailed look at these fields.  

Nurse Midwife:

The first field we are going to look at is Nurse midwife. It plays a crucial role in women’s healthcare. From guiding through pregnancy, childbirth to postpartum care. As the focus on patient-centred care is rising day by day, it is one of the best fields to join in 2024.

The average yearly salary in this profession is $111339 in the USA. Due to the growing population the demand for midwife nurses is also rising. Alongside delivering babies they also provide essential education and emotional support to mothers.

Nurse Practitioner:

The second one on our list is Nurse practitioners (NPs). They continue to be in high demand due to their advanced clinical training and ability to provide comprehensive care. NPs are increasingly taking on expanded roles in 2024. 

The average Nurse Practitioner earns around $124287 per year. These include primary care, specialty practices and even leading healthcare teams. The autonomy and diversity makes it an ideal option for those seeking a dynamic and impactful career.

Nurse Anaesthetist:

Nurse Anaesthetist is also among one of the top nursing fields. The role of nurse anaesthetists is very important in surgical procedures. They administer anaesthesia and ensure patient safety during operations. 

Due to the advancements in surgical techniques and technology it is an ideal option to consider in 2024. The critical nature of their workplaces make them among the top nursing options. Their average yearly salary is around $228080. 

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner:

Considering the growing awareness of mental health issues, psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners are also a good choice. They are specialised in providing mental health assessments, counselling, and treatment plans. They help in reducing the gap between physical and mental well-being. 

This field is in the forefront of healthcare discussions due to the severity and rising problems of society in this field. The average yearly salary in this field is around $118,420. 

Nurse Advocate:

Nurse advocate is also a good field if you want to join this profession. They act as the voice for patients by helping them in meeting their needs and getting their rights. Job outlook in this field is also good.

These nurses usually work in complex healthcare systems, addressing disparities, and promoting positive patient outcomes. The advocacy skills are invaluable in fostering this field and can help you grow in this field. Their average yearly salary in the USA is $69,551. 

Pediatric Nurse:

Pediatric nurse is also a good option. They specialise in caring for children, from infancy to adolescence. This field is evolving day by day with a focus on preventive care, early intervention and family-centred approaches. 

Pediatric nurses contribute to the health and well-being of the next generation hence the importance of this field can not be neglected. Pediatric nurses average annual salary is around $78,800.  

Critical Care Nurse:

Critical care nurses are essential in providing intensive care to patients with life-threatening conditions. The demand in this field is also very high due to the advancements in medical technology and an ageing population. 

These nurses help a lot in managing complex cases, collaborating with interdisciplinary teams. They ensure the best possible outcomes for critically ill patients. Their average yearly income is around $84,100. 

Neonatal Nurse:

Neonatal nurses specialise in caring for newborns. They especially deal with cases with premature birth or medical complications. The neonatal nursing field is advancing in multiple fields. Especially advancements in neonatal intensive care are helping nurses to provide specialised care to the tiniest patients. Neonatal nurses make around $135,949 per year. 

Nurse Educator:

The next one on our list is Nurse Educator. Job outlook is also higher in this field due to the growth in higher need for skilled healthcare professionals. They basically teach nurses. Their primary subjects include clinical skills, collaboration practices and patient care methods. They play a vital role in shaping the future of nursing by teaching knowledge and skills to aspiring nurses. Their average yearly salary is around $96,887. 

Nurse Manager:

The last and the very important field related to nursing is Nurse managers. It is a very important leading position. They oversee nursing staff, budgets and ensure the efficient operation of healthcare units. 

The leadership and organisational skills can help you alot in progressing in this field. The average nurse manager makes around $116594 per year. 

Final Words:

Nursing profession is continuously evolving. Due to this it is offering several exciting and impactful specialties for Nurses. Choosing the right field can be a problem due to the multiple options. 

These 10 fields should be your first priority in the field of Nursing. They offer a lot of opportunities to progress with very competitive salaries. Choose the one that aligns with your personal preferences. If you want to know anything else, feel free to tell us in the comment section.