Oklahoma Or Ok Board Of Nursing: Licensing, Renewal & More

Ok Board Of Nursing

Do you want to know about the nursing licensure in the Ok Board of Nursing, or do you want to know the renewal process? No need to worry; we will clear up all your doubts.

If you want to work in Oklahoma State as a nurse, you must know everything about the Oklahoma Board of Nursing very well. Whether you are a prospective nurse, a seasoned practitioner, or someone keen on the regulatory landscape, this comprehensive guide is for everyone.

This blog post will help you become a licensed nurse in Oklahoma. Here we will learn about all educational criteria, licensure examinations, and everything related to this board. Let’s start uncovering without further delay.

What Is an Ok Board of Nursing?

The Oklahoma Board of Nursing is a government institution that oversees nursing practices within the state. Its aim is to maintain healthcare standards. It decides the educational criteria for nursing programs, approves institutions that meet them, and administers licensure examinations.

Alongside it, the board also oversees Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and conducts investigations into violations. It also maintains the records for public scrutiny under the Open Records Act. All of it to ensure competency, ethics, and excellence among nursing professionals in Oklahoma, which helps in maintaining high healthcare standards.

General Functions of the Oklahoma Board of Nursing

As we know, the board oversees and regulates various aspects of nursing within the state. Here are the key general functions carried out by the Board:

Setting Educational Standards:

The first one is setting standards for educational programs. It also prepares individuals for licensure or certification. These include registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, or advanced unlicensed assistants.

Managing Licensure Processes:

The board’s responsibilities also include providing initial licensure and handling renewals for qualified applicants. It includes;

  • New graduates (licensure by examination)
  • Nurses licensed in other states
  • Educated abroad (licensure by endorsement)
  • Nurses are returning to active status.

Advanced Practice Oversight:

It is also responsible for issuing and renewing licenses for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. It ensures that it is according to established requirements. The Board also grants Prescriptive Authority Recognition to qualifying Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.

Record Maintenance:

This institution is also responsible for maintaining records of all licensed nurses and advanced unlicensed assistive persons. These records are also publicly available under the provisions of the Open Records Act.

Complaint Investigation and Disciplinary Actions:

It also investigates complaints related to any violations of the Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act and Board Rules. The Board conducts hearings on charges that require action.

Peer Assistance Program:

Another function of the Ok Board of Nursing is a peer assistance program. It is designed to support nurses whose competency may be affected due to substance use or dependency.

Rule Implementation:

It also promulgates rules to effectively implement the Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act. It means legally introducing the updated or new rules.

Consultation and Research:

It also performs several other functions to improve healthcare standards in the state. These include consultation, conducting conferences, forums, studies, and research on various aspects.

How Do I Get A License From The Ok Board Of Nursing?

If you’ve completed your nursing education and are willing to work in Oklahoma, You need to get a license first. Here is the step-by-step process for getting the license.

  • The first step is to submit your licensure application to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.
  • After that, complete the Evidence of Status Form. It is to ensure that any legal name changes are supported by appropriate documentation. 
  • The next step is providing fingerprints. You need to schedule an appointment at an IdentoGo center sponsored by Idemia for electronic fingerprinting. There is also a small payment, which you can make either online or in cash.
  • If you have a history of criminal charges, disciplinary actions, or competency issues, provide a detailed statement with an explanation.
  • Provide your transcript to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.
  • Complete the NCLEX registration on the Pearson VUE website.
  • After that, give the test, and if you pass, you will be given the license to practice.

How Do I Renew My Nursing Licence With The Oklahoma Board Of Nursing?

If you already have a license from the Oklahoma Board of Nursing and want to renew it, here is the procedure to do it. We have divided it into three steps. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth renewal process:

Step 1: Determine Your Renewal Deadline

Keep checking your renewal deadline. Here are the license validation periods for different posts.

  • CNA: Every two years from the date of certification issuance.
  • LPN: Every two odd-numbered years by the end of your birth month.
  • RN/APRN: Every two even-numbered years by the end of your birth month.

Keep an eye on the renewal reminder letter. It comes around 10 weeks before the deadline. You can initiate the process up to three months before your license expires. A 30-day grace period is also granted after expiration for late renewals.

Step 2: Complete the Continuing Education Requirements

The second step is to fulfill continuing education based on your role.

  • CNA: Work at least 8 hours during the past 2 years in which you were certified.
  • LPN/RN: Prove 520 work hours, complete 24 hours of continuing education, verify current certification, complete a Board-approved refresher course, and finish 6 academic credits of nursing coursework.
  • APRN: Similar to LPN/RN requirements, with an additional 15 contact hours (or 1 academic credit hour) in pharmacotherapeutics for those with prescriptive authority.

Step 3: File Your Renewal Application Online

The third step is to login to your account on the Oklahoma Board of Nursing portal to renew:

  • RNs, LPNs, and APRNs can check their application status online.
  • CNAs can verify their licenses on the Oklahoma nurse aide registry.

Renewal fees:

  • RN/LPN: $75
  • APRN: $40
  • CNA: $10

Following these steps will ensure a timely and successful renewal without any problems.

Final Words

That was all about the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. It plays a crucial role in maintaining high healthcare standards by overseeing and regulating various aspects of nursing within the state. You need to pass a licensing exam by the board after your nursing degree to practice as a nurse.

If you already have a license, then you should keep an eye on its expiration date. Start the renewal process in time to avoid any problems. Understanding the board’s rules and regulations is essential if you want to work in Oklahoma.