How Much Does A Labor And Delivery Nurse Make?

How Much Does A Labor And Delivery Nurse Make

Do you want to know the estimated earnings of a labor and delivery nurse? Or you are planning to pursue a career in this field and want to know about your future. Let’s check out the details.

The average salary of a labor and delivery nurse is around $80,500 per year. It is usually between $73,300 and $91,100, depending on several factors. We will share the salaries based on multiple factors below. Moreover, we will also share how to increase your salary in this profession.

Reading this blog post will educate you all about labor and delivery nurses  earnings.Let’s start with the most important factor in your salary, which is experience.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Salaries Based on Their Experiences

Experience matters a lot when it comes to the salaries of labor and delivery nurses. A more experienced nurse can earn a lot more than someone who is inexperienced or has minimal experience.

Years Of Experience Hourly Income
Entry level$21.56
1 to 4 years  $24.88
5 to 9 years  $30.40
10 to 19 years  $37.77
More than 19 years$46.91

Top 5 Highest Paying Labor and Delivery Nurse Jobs by Work

There are different work settings you can work in after becoming a labor and delivery nurse. Your work setting is also essential in deciding your salary. Let’s take a look at the five highest-paid options.

ProfessionMonthly Salary
Labour And Delivery Nurse$12,190
Director Labour$11,493
Contract Postpartum Nurse$11,477
Labour Employment$11,420
Work From Home L D Rn$10,612

Highest Paid Cities for a Labor and Delivery Nurse

Another important factor in deciding your income as a labor and delivery nurse is your city or state. It is because the higher the need in the area, the higher your salary. Let’s have a look at the top 10 highest-paying cities in this profession.

City Name Weekly Salary 
Panorama City, CA$4,006
Bronx, NY$3,104
Bridgeport, CT$2,512
Kansas City, KS$2,368
Glen Ellen, CA$2,183
West Palm Beach, FL$2,055
Milwaukee, WI$2,151
Silver Spring, MD$2,148
Charlotte, NC$2,037
Las Vegas, NV$1,696

Top 10 High-Paying Companies for Labor and Delivery Nurses in the United States

Along with your experience and city, your company also matters. A top-tier company or a reputable institution is going to pay you a lot more than the usual ones. But at the same time, they are also going to ask for higher standards. Following are the top 10 highest-paying companies for labor and delivery nurses in the USA:

Company NameAverage Rating Weekly Pay
Trusted Health4.2$2650
Nomad Health3.4$2635
Travel Nurses Inc.4.9$2418
TRS Healthcare3.3$2307
Stability Healthcare4.4$2295
Cross Country Nurses3.9$2288
Host Healthcare4.6$2230
Uniti Med4.9$2177
Jackson Nurse Professionals4.1$2153

How Can I Earn More As A Labor and Delivery Nurse?

First of all, to get higher pay as a labor and delivery nurse, you should be well qualified and experienced. The next very important thing is being at the right place at the right time. Here are some practical tips to earn more in this profession.

  • Gain advanced degrees and certifications to give you an edge. .
  • Get experience and expertise in labor and delivery.
  • Explore highly-paid healthcare settings.
  • Research opportunities exist in regions with high demand.
  • Negotiate compensation by showcasing your skills, experience, and certifications.
  • Keep yourself updated.
  • Network, attend conferences, and engage in continuing education.
  • Consider per diem or travel nursing for higher rates and bonuses.
  • Represent yourself well by discussing your achievements during evaluations.

Final Words

The labor and delivery nurse makes around $80,500 annually. Multiple factors, like experience, city, work setting, company, etc., can influence your pay. Moreover, additional qualifications and field-related diplomas can also help you earn more.

Learn to represent yourself well as well, because if you can’t, then you will never be valued. Your good representation will give you leverage for a higher salary and other benefits during job selection. It is a decent option if you are thinking about any specific nursing field.

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